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dbQwikEdit is your data central. From beginners to pros, working with your database has never been easier. dbQwikEdit is full of powerful features but remains simple to use.  This tool gives you almost anything you will ever need to work with all sorts of databases such as MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and many more..
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Feature Highlights
  Work with all types of database
  Edit table data
  Build SQL queries
  Create and edit tables
  Move and export data
  View and execute stored procedures
  Report on schema
  More Feature...
New in Version 3
  Concurrent database connections
  Create and alter tables and indexes
  Improved interface
  Calculated fields
  Batch jobs
  Command line wizard
  Schema reporting
  More Feature...
  Oracle Partner
What is dbQwikEdit?

dbQwikEdit is a software program that helps you with many tasks to access your database and manage your databases and the data contained in the tables contained in your database. Databases are not like text files, you cannot simply open them and read them. But using dbQwikEdit, it just that easy. Relational databases use SQL (Structured Query Language) to read and edit the data in your database. What is great about dbQwikSite is that it knows how to create SQL for you. In fact, you do not even to know or learn SQL to work with your database. On the other had if you are a developer of database administrator, you will find dbQwikSite has plenty of advanced options to automate and simplify working with your databases.

dbQwikEdit can assist in a broad variety of database tasks. From creating connection strings to connect to your database to creating database objects such as databases and database tables. dbQwikEdit is a powerful software tool to create databases and design database tables.

Once you have a database want to be able to see the valuable information in your database. Traditionally you would need to write SQL Select statements to read the data in your database. With dbQwikEdit, you can open tables as work with them as you would an excel spread sheet. You can apply sorts and SQL filters using that table view without writing even 1 SQL select query statement. You can can even edit the values right in the grid view.

Using the powerful SQL builder features of this software program, you can create SQL statements in many different ways. A built-in visual query builder lets you create multi-table SQL queries with advanced joins without even realizing you are doing it. If work with multiple databases you likely know that even though SQL is supposed to be a “Standard Language” allowing universal access to all relational databases; the truth is that there each database vendor will implement slightly different SQL command syntax. You can think of it as SQL “Dialect”. For example to return only the first 10 rows of a query, you would use the “top” keyword in SQL server but the “limit” keyword in MySQL. What is great about dbQwikEdit is that you don’t have to learn different dialect for every database you work with, it is multi-database enabled to make working with different databases a snap. So whether you are working with MS Access, Oracle, MySQL or DB2 you can work in the same tool using the same functions.

This database software tool is not an SQL builder and query tool, but it also can help manage your database data. The batch move feature lets you move data between databases, even databases between unlike databases. You can migrate data from Oracle to DB2 or from MySQL to MS SQL Server or MS Access. You can even create batch jobs moving data of multiple tables between databases. dbQwikEdit is software is loaded with advanced features that are easy to use. You can read more about is in this website. You can download a free trial version. Just look on the download page get your full free trial. Feel free to contact support with any questions that you may have, while you are discovering the features of this software.

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