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Frequently Asked Questions
 1. What is dbQwikEdit?
dbQwikEdit is a program that runs on your PC.  It can connect to many different databases and let you view and manage your data as well as manage your table design.
2. How can dbQwikEdit help me?
dbQwikEdit is like a toolbox full of neat tools designed to help you to work with databases.  The single most important way dbQwikEdit helps you is that these tools are super simple to use and you don’t  need a degree in computer science get started. The tools are just like power tools, they greatly speed up your work and help in productivity.  In the “tool box” you will find tools, for viewing data, finding records, building SQL queries, moving data, working with database tables and much more. Whether you just need to seen inside an access database or to design a whole new mySQL database dbQwikEdit is just the ticket.
3. What databases can dbQwikEdit work with?
All databases.  If your database has either an ODBC driver or an ADO data provider, it will work with dbQwikEdit. For example: MS Access, MySQL, Dbase, FoxPro, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, DB2, and FileMaker Pro are just a few of the more popular databases that dbQwikEdit will work with.
4. I am a programmer; I need real power, not a dinky toy for novices!
Get-outta-town!  dbQwikEdit ain’t no dinky toy.  Don’t be fooled just ‘cos regular folks can use this program, it packs a lot of punch.  dbQwikEdit is a real SQL editor. It can run concurrent queries, it runs scripts, it performs data migrations, and it even has a command line interface to be used in scheduled jobs.
5. What’s the difference between Pro and Lite?
In general Lite is more of a Query Tool and Pro is more of a data manipulation and schema management tool.  For a detailed feature comparison see our Features Page.
6. What about accidental changes to important data with such a powerful tool?
dbQwikEdit is specifically designed with a password protected read-only mode.  You can safely give it to people in your organization who need to access data but not modify it.
7. What’s a Query?
A query is just a fancy word for a “question” about your data.  Like: Show me all customers living in the USA and have a family income over 70,000.  Of course, you cannot speak to your database to ask this question. Behind the scenes, you need to write code called SQL which would look something like “Select * from Customer where country = “USA” and F_Income > 70000” dbQwikEdit automatically creates this SQL code for you.
8. What about a Visual Query Builder? Do you have one?
Yes, absolutely.  We have one of the most elegant query builders on the market today, once you try it you won’t want to use any other tool.
9. I want to make a MS Access Database. Do I need to buy MS Access or can dbQwikEdit do it?
dbQwikEdit can create MS Access databases.  You do not need to buy MS Access dbQwikEdit can do this and costs much less.
10. What are the limitations of the trial version?
The trial version has all the functions of PRO and is limited to 7 days of use.
11. If I buy dbQwikEdit, what updates do I get?
We offer free upgrade within major versions, which means upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1 or 3.5 would be free.  A paid upgrade would be between major versions such a upgrading for version 3 to version 4.
12. What are the payment types that you accept?
We use Element5 (Digital River) to process payments from most credit cards, wire transfers, cheques and purchase Orders.
13. Do you offer volume pricing?
Yes we do.  See our pricing page for more information.
14. Do you offer special pricing for Non-Profit organizations?
Yes, we do.  We offer 50% discounts to registered Non-profit organizations.
15. When I buy dbQwikEdit, how do I get the full version?
When you buy dbQwikEdit, you will receive an automated email within minutes, which containing a download link and an activation code.
16. Can dbQwikEdit move information into MS Office?
Yes, your tables and query results can be exported to MS Word or MS Excel.
17. How many computers can I install on?
Your license is a single user license. You cannot install on your co-workers computer or share the program with your friends.  We only allow you to install up to two times. For example on your work PC and your laptop.
18. Do I have to pay extra for each database type I want to use with dbQwikEdit?
No, there are no extras to buy. You can use dbQwikEdit with as many different types of databases as you like.
19. What is the minimum requirement for my PC?
You need a windows PC, and windows XP is recommended.  However, you can use 2000 and windows 98.  With windows 98 you will need to download MDAC from Microsoft’s web site in order to use dbQwikEdit.
20. What is ADO?
ADO stands for ActiveX Data Objects.  It is a standard way for programs like dbQwikEdit to talk to databases. dbQwikEdit uses this to connect to different databases.
21. What is MDAC?
MDAC is a technology by Microsoft which enables ADO on your PC.  It is free.
22. Do you offer site licenses?
We have no fixed site licensing scheme, but if you drop an email to sales@thedevshop.com with your requirements, they will help formulating the purchase plan for you.
23. Can an ordinary person use dbQwikEdit?
Yes, of course.  You do not have to be a programmer to use dbQwikEdit.  Many people that are using dbQwikSite are non-technical, ordinary folks.  You’ll be amazed that you can do a lot with your database without any special programming skills.
24. What are the main tools in dbQwikEdit?
The main tools are: a table grid that lets you view, add and edit data, a visual query builder, a SQL syntax Builder, a data mover, a table structure editor, and a schema reporting tool.
25. Can dbQwikEdit move data between different databases like from MS Access to MySQL?
Yes, it sure can.
26. What make dbQwikEdit different from other query builders?
Ah, but we are biased!  We think we are: easier to use, prettier, friendlier, more flexible, more powerful and cheaper too!
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