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New Features V.3 Lite Pro
New Updated Interface
Favorites Area
My Stuff Collection
Open Concurrent Connections
Show/Hide Connection Workspaces
Create Databases
 • MS Access
 • MySQL
Table Management
 • Create New Tables
 • Clone Existing Tables
 • Drop Tables
Index Management
 • Add New Indexes
 • Drop Existing Indexes
Schema Report
Enhanced dbExplorer
Enhanced Visual Query Builder
Calculated Fields in Visual Query
Improved Filter Dialog
Improved Sort Dialog
Enhanced Batch Move
New Batch Move Jobs
Batch Move of Query Results
Drag and Drop Tables Between Databases
Import CSV and Excel into Tables
View Stored Procedure Code
View Scripts of DB Views
New SQL Generation from Grids
 • Generate Table Create Scripts
 • Generate Insert Statements
 • Generate Update Statements
New QwikFilter / Sort on Data Grids
Code Assistant - PHP, Delphi, VB, C++, C#
Desktop Shortcuts
Works With MS SQL Express
Works With MySQL V5
Service Manager Start/Stop Local DBs
Features Lite Pro
Read Only Mode
Table List Filter
Table Fields View
Data Editor
Data Schema Info
Data Editor Quick Sort
Data Editor Quick Columns
Data Editor Column Auto size
Data Editor SQL Generator
ADO Data Sources
Data Editor Data Exporter
Data Export Format HTML
Data Export Format XML
Data Export Format CSV (Comma Delimited)
Data Export Format Text File
Data Export Format SQL
Data Export Format Clipboard
Data Export Format MS Excel
Data Export Format MS Word
Data Export Format RTF
Data Export Format DIF
Data Export Format SYLK
Data Export Format LaTex
Data Export Format DBF
Data Mover
Data Editor Print
SQL Builder
SQL Builder Customizable Keywords
SQL Builder History Browser
QSL Builder Query Save/Open
SQL Builder Data Print
SQL Builder Data Export
SQL Builder Data Column Auto size
SQL Builder Syntax Highlighting
Visual Query Builder
Visual Query SQL Builder SQL Gen
Visual Query Data Export (via SQL Builder)
Visual Query Sort 5 Unlimited
Visual Query Filter 5 Unlimited
Visual Query SQL Generator
Visual Query Join Syntax Generator
Visual Query Smart Icons
Integrated ADO Admin
Integrated ODBC Admin
Null Highlighting
Inner Join/Outer Join
Execute Stored Proc
Added preference settings for connection timeout ,command timeout, max records, and comment characters
Added Save and Load Grid Layout
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