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03/10/2011 04:01 AM
DW Query Builder V1 Released
Just released DW Query Builder v1.0. As it's name suggests DW Query Builder is a visual query builder for dreamweaver. It is a dreamweaver extension that lets you create complex SQL statements with ease by representing your tables as boxes that you link to each other and then tick the columns you want to include in your data set. This extension integrated directly into dreamweaver and lets you create record sets for ASP and PHP.

More information and trial version can be found here.... http://www.thedevshoponline.com/dwQueryBuilder/

For those wishing to purchase QW Query Builder the price is $49.95 USD.
02/16/2011 03:37 AM
New Support and Forum
dbQwik users now have a new support ticket system and integrated forum to help them get better support. Focus Technology (formerly TheDevShop)is trialing ZenDesk as a new support platform after experiencing some difficulties with the legacy systems.
ZenDesk is a rich support environment and we hope that it will fit the bill. Data is not being ported at this time as the legacy systems remain online and are in need of a major clean up as much of the information is outdated.

Do give the new system a try and let us know if this works better for you.
01/20/2010 05:10 AM
dbQwikSite Version 6 Released
All new major release of dbQwikSite website designer and code generator is now available for download.
This new release includes many enhancements with special emphasis on generating websites that offer richer user experiences.

IDE Enhancements:

Live Preview Highly integrated design and testing. See your pages live as you design them. Live preview embeds a browser into dbQwikSite, so you can see not only how your pages look, but how they work as well. Live preview also interprets all your custom code so features implemented in custom code and via plugins are visible. Test and design at the same time.

Build more Powerful Pages:

Active plug-ins Active plug-ins are a whole new type of plug-in for dbQwikSite. Technically speaking these plug-ins are intelligent ?auto snippets?. What they do is offer little bits of functionality to add to your pages. Many of the V6 new features are, in fact, active plug-ins.

Multiple Categories Category filtering has been one of our most popular features allowing your visitors to get lists filtered by a category. Now, we?ve gone one better, multiple categories. Filter by category then sub-category, and sub-sub-category and so on, all with never leaving the data list page.

Group Actions on List Page Ever want to make a page where users can tick, tick, tick several items and perform an action against the selected items? Now you can. Use standard actions, such as delete, or update a field or write your own actions in developer edition. Supercharge your repetitive action tasks with Group Actions.

In-line Add/Update/Delete Want to let your users work with records of their list page without navigating in and out add/update pages? In-line delete has now two new friends, in-line add and in-line update. Add and update forms can now be presented as pop-up dialogs rather than separate pages, to make working off the list page easier than ever.

Unbound Forms Do you have the need to collect information from your site using HTML forms, but you really do not need to store it in a database? New Unbound forms let you design forms that email you the user input rather than storing in a database table. It?s a fast way to create simple web forms.

Email Added / Edited Records Do you need to know when a new record is added or updated in your database? Now you can have dbQwikSite forms automatically send you a copy of the updates that take place on your web site.

Capcha Stop those pesky hackers and robots from submitting your forms, add Captcha to your forms. Capcha is the system where graphics are displayed, containing letters to type in before a form can be submitted..

Autocomplete Create input controls that look up values from your database as you type, allowing users to find existing values without scrolling trough long drop down lists. Unlike drop down lists, auto complete allow users to enter their own values when the value they seek is not already in the database.

RTF Editor You can now turn any text box control into an advanced RTF editor. Users can create formatted text to be stored and displayed from your database.

Quick Search Add s simple search right to your data list pages. Visitors can pick a field and filter by a value without needing to go to the search page.

Multiple Value Search Need to search for a shirt that is either red or blue or black? V6 now offers the ability to search for multiple search values in a single database column.

PDF Print via Online services Do your visitors ask for PDF copies of the pages they see on your site? Now you can simply add a Print PDF button to any page which sends that page to a free PDF document creation service.

XML and JSON Services. Now you can turn any dbQwikSite data page into a web service serving either XML or JSON data streams. There?s nothing to do other than call your page with a special URL parameter: return=XML or return=JSON.

Build Pages with More Pizzazz:

Custom Form Layouts Full support for custom layouts of Add and Update pages. Create professional looking form designs placing input field prompts and input field controls where ever you want them, add in borders and any HTML formatting and your forms will impress.

HTML Zones let?s you add ?stuff?Add HTML ?stuff? into more places on your page. We?ve exposed the layout ?quadrants? found in developer edition to all editions. Previously, you could customize page headers and footers, as HTML segments. Now you have the same functionality for 10 separate zones arranged around the dbQwikSite generated content in a North, East, South, and West fashion.

Conditional Formatting Ever think that you?d like to change the format of data on your page based on the value of that data. For example show negative numbers in red, or bold any string that starts with ?New ?. Conditional formatting lets you do just that. You can control all CSS attributes of a data field based on the value contained in that field

Google Charts Who doesn?t like looking at graphs to visual their data? Whether it?s monthly sales or average rainfall, graphs inherently make numerical data easier to understand. dbQwikSite now seamlessly integrates to Google?s free (conditions apply) web service for creating graphs. No coding required, just pick the columns to graph and dbQwikSite does the rest.

Google & Live Maps Add maps to your web sites, with ease. Give point of a field in your data that is an address or a longitude / Latitude pair and add the power of interactive maps to your page.

Improved CSS dbQwikSite is great at making pages, hundreds of them a minute, all following the same formatting. Now you can gain greater control over the look of your pages, with new, more granular classes. Make your generated pages a truer reflection of your personal creativity.

Item level CSS controlEvery page item now lets you assign your own inline CSS attributes on both the caption and the data values. Now you can make certain fields stand out, and other fade out. Any CSS attributes are available down to the finest level of your page design.

Scrollable Data Areas Do wide tables and lots of data rows ruin your page, making it run off your monitor? Now you can easily constrain your tables into scrollable data areas, helping preserve the appearance of the your page design.
09/15/2009 10:02 AM
dbQwikSite 6.0 Beta Ready for Testing
dbQwikSite V6 is on the way. As part of the release we are conducting a public Beta test where users can download the pre-release version and provide feedback to the development team about new features.

Anyone who wants to participate as a tester can download V6 BETA from the user forum
There is a thread available to record any issues and chat about new featured.

Official release dates for dbQwikSite production release is not available yet. The release date will depend on the outcome of the Beta test. We are targeting about 1 month for Beta testing.
07/07/2009 04:54 AM
dbQwikSite V6 is on its way
Without a doubt the single most asked question I hear is: "When is version 6 coming?" The answer too often eludes me. But today I am happy to say... it's on the way.

After going through some staffing changes, version 6 took some hits in terms of both scope and delivery schedule. I have been avoiding answering that most prevalent question because, I just did not want to misguide our loyal user community. Amid all the forum rumors of the lack of delivery of new versions, I did not want to add to the confusion.

Truth be told we have been working on version 6 all along and it is shaping up for a release. Version 6 offers a range of new features that should make dbQwikSite generated web sites more powerful and flexible than ever before. The list is not yet finalized, as we try to squeeze in those last few features before freezing development to begin testing in earnest. V6 focus is on two areas, making pages more powerful for the end user and on design flexibility to allow designers greater control on the look of generated pages.

In the area of more powerful pages, look forward to: multiple categories, in-line edit/update, group actions against multiple selected records, new user controls, and enhanced search capabilities.

In the area of design you can expect to see: custom add/update form support, enhanced CSS classes, customizable HTML sections on all pages.

The above lists are not comprehensive, but should give you an idea of what to expect. As far as delivery dates, these will depend on testing results. Tomorrow is the date set to set the final scope and thus the development target deadline. After that some testing, and finally general release. It's hard to say exactly when these will occur, but stay tuned to this blog for news and updates.

Beyond V6. Many will note that V6 does not include true dot net code generation. That's because we wanted to do that right, and rather than shoehorning dot net functionality into the more classic paradigm of dbQwikSite generated pages, we decided to come out with an all-new version of dbQwikSite for dot net. That in no way infers that we are dropping PHP support. Quite the contrary, we are planning to migrate PHP into the same framework as the dot net product, leveraging a class oriented code generation in both languages. This will open new doors to PHP users, as well as Microsoft platform users who wish to extend and enhance dbQwikSite generated code.
10/08/2008 05:02 AM
dbQwikSite 5.4 Makes it a Joy to Deploy

Oh Boy? another deploy!  This is what I always feel before trying to move a dbQwikSite database web site to a hosting server.  I?ve got to worry about file folders, file transfers, connection strings, data base installs, file permissions and none of it is as easy as I would like it to be. 

I?m not the only one that does not look forward to sorting out all the differences between my perfect PC test and some distant server looming out there in cyberspace.  Users have been asking for help deploying for quite some time now.  That time has arrived with the release of dbQwikSite version 5.4.  They say necessity is the mother of invention, I say laziness is a close second.  I therefore confess that my laziness is the driving force behind this most recent release.  ?Just make it easy for me.? was the mandate I gave to the development team.  And about 6 weeks later I am happy to report that I can be lazy as I like and STILL get my site to deploy!

So what magic do we get in this version?  The Highlights are:  a new, smarter deploy wizard, a better more robust FTP, and on-line administrative pages.  The new deploy wizard now is smarter a producing working connection strings for your host.   The all new folder based file selection for deployment is a breeze to use.  Say ?bye-bye? to dbQwikFTP, I doubt too many users will shed a tear over that.  Say ?hello? to FileZilla (free open source) file transfer tool.   Simply put, it just works better than the now depreciated dbQwikFTP.  Smooth integration between the Deploy Wizard and FileZilla makes short work of file transfer; all I have to do is click the start the queue button and all my preselected folders are moved to the right place on my server.  A cool feature at the end of deploy, let?s me launch my site in my browser for easy testing.  One option is to launch the all new dbQwikSite ?Site Admin? console.  Arriving in the console, I can install MySQL tables if I had generated the scripts, I can see what scripting languages are supported on my server, I can troubleshoot connection strings.   Neat, I think I like being lazy!  This version make it much more of ?a joy to deploy? my sites.

 While the team worked hard to make sure I could be a real sloth, not every deployment task can be automated.  So to accompany all this new software wizardry is the infamous ?missing deployment guide?.  It?s not missing anymore!  You can access the new on-line deployment guide from the either the ?Help? or ?dbQwikHosting? menus. 

There are other new features in 5.4 along with the regular batch of bug fixes.  Details can be found in the release notes.  Version 5.4 is a free upgrade for all version 5 users and is available via live-update.

06/18/2008 07:51 AM
Mashing it up with dbQwikSite
What is a Mashup? For me it conjures up images of a bunch of cooks, all mashing away at a pot of boiled potatoes. But in the world of web development it means piecing together discreet units of available web functionality into a single integrated application.

Wikipedia defines a mash up as:

Mashup (web application hybrid)
In technology, a mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool; an example is the use of cartographic data from Google Maps to add location information to real-estate data, thereby creating a new and distinct web service that was not originally provided by either source.

Before I say anything more let me show you are screen shot of something I was playing with in dbQwikSite before I looked up the term in Wikipedia.

What you are looking at is a dbQwikSite page that I have in our Real Estate test project in which I added a Windows® Live Map. I had created, almost verbatim, the Wikipedia definition of a MashUp. The listing data is all in the dbQwikSite Real Estate database, but the Map is pulled in from Microsoft. After copying sample code from the Live Maps interactive SDK and fiddling with the custom code a bit, miracles of miracles I made a MashUp in about 15 minutes.

Well that?s not all, check this out. I made this over two months ago, when I was testing Developer Edition. This page uses Google Charts APIs to produce graphs of a data page generated by dbQwikSite.

Here?s another graph? ok, so it?s not a ?true? MashUp by definitions. It is using Microsoft?s Siverlight 2 technology which is not a web service, but I didn?t have to know anything about coding graphs, just enough to call the JavaScripts and pass the right parameters. It?s just so pretty, I could not resist showing it off.

So today, it dawned on me, I was creating MashUps and I didn?t even know it. At first I said to myself ?Naw, it can?t be that easy, MashUps are the realm of web gurus. I must be missing something.? So off to Wikipedia I went, to delve into the real meaning of MashUps. I stopped reading after I read the example I quoted earlier. ?Wow! This is cool!? I thought to myself. There?s something big going on here, code generation plus MashUps what an awesome, powerful combination.

By themselves these web services like Google Charts and Windows Maps are interesting. But they only become valuable when placed within a meaningful context. Let?s face it you are much more interested in a map to the new house you are going to buy than just ?a map?. And you are likely much more interested in a plot of your sales than a graph of data that is not yours.

What MashUp developers do is take all these nice ?gadgets? and knit them into an application to enhance their applications. These guys are the guys writing the back end processing, digging data out of their databases and integrating these fantastic web services to enrich their web applications. But, wait a minute; dbQwikSite users know that they don?t have to code the back end. The code generator of dbQwikSite does that for you. So we just made the job of creating MashUp web sites magnitudes easier. Let dbQwikSite churn out the back end code and a basic interface then add a few lines of custom code to call web services and we are making MashUps in the blink of an eye.

While I still think that MashUp is a funny term, I do agree that the concept is valid and very powerful. Even more powerful is when you marry that technology to the dbQwikSite code generation technology to web services technology in MashUps. You can produce some pretty advanced websites at lighting speeds by ?Mashing it Up? with dbQwikSite.
05/30/2008 12:50 AM
Rave Review from Bangkok Post

This Wednesday, then I opened my morning paper I was pleasantly surprised to find that Thailand's largest newspaper had done a review of dbQwikSite by their resident Web Design columnist. It's quite a positive review so I thought I would share it with you.
Read the full review here. (updated link Jun 9 2008)

Here are a few kudos from the article: (in the event that the above link gets "retired")
I do not normally get excited about a code generation tool but I have watched this local product evolve and it just keeps getting better.

Remember this is a local Thai product that rivals the bigger US equivalents and is of course a lot less expensive
If you are looking for a deceptively inexpensive web site builder and don't want to pay someone to build one for you then I recommend that you try dbQwikSite.

If you are wondering: No I'm not on the board or payroll - this is just a great product.

05/23/2008 11:52 AM
Smart XSL Snippets: Mini Code Generators
Today we released dbQwikSite By most counts, this is a simple maintenance release but hiding in the list of updates there appears one rather mundane looking item entitled ?xsl snippet support?. Looks pretty small and simple on the surface, but this single new feature infers some pretty powerful implications. It means that you can make mini-code generators inside the dbQwikSite generation framework.

Let?s take a closer look at this feature. We call it XSL code snippets. What it means that in any of the 150-plus custom code insert points found in Developer Edition, you can write an XSL(T) template. But this is not a template transforming xml data to format HTML in the browser. These XSL templates work a code generation time and they work against the XML of your project. This is really cool, because it means that you can access all the design information stored in your project model to generate code snippets. It takes a bit of time to wrap your mind around the concept but once you do the implications are quite interesting.

Let?s step back a bit. Let?s say we are working with Developer edition, which in itself is very powerful. What we can do is add in new script code to enhance our generated pages. We can do all kinds of neat things by typing in ?static? script syntax into insert points / events. Ok, so we can understand adding code snippets to our pages. But what about a ?smart snippet?? One that can write the code snippet for you. One that can know about other pages in your project, one that can react to the design setting contained in your project model. That?s exactly what the XSL snippets offer. And when you think about it, that?s exactly what the dbQwikSite code generation engines does, translates your design setting to code. But what?s extra cool about the XSL snippets is that it is you who defines what is to be generated, rather than the code generation engine itself. Now, that?s pretty advanced flexibility, and you won?t find this type of power in any competing tool. If you are lucky you may get ?events? and then only a handful at best. With dbQwikSite you get over 150 ?events? and you get smart snippets that can actually generate code themselves.

So why would we ever write a smart snippet. There are a number of situations that make smart snippets indispensible. The first one that comes to mind is to be able to have code snippets that is ?project aware?, for example you may want to create code that adds new page flows, but without the names of the other pages, you could not so this, smart snippets can gather information from the project XML. Another situation is to make a snippet that is settings aware, for example you want it to create code differently if the page is secured or not, or if the group has a shopping cart. These are examples where smart snippets can outperform their ?static? counterparts. You can write snippets that are not project specific, they are generic and self adjusting between projects. Another example could be a multi-scripting language snippet. For example rather than writing two snippets, one in ASP and one PHP and maintaining, managing and distributing both snippets, you have only one smart snippet, that automatically detects the generation language and inserts the correct language syntax.

Granted, writing smart snippets may not be for everyone. You can get along quite well inserting ordinary ?static? script code into your insert points. To write a smart snippet, you need an understanding of the project XML and XSL as well as the code that you want to generate. But if you are into these technologies, you may be interested in a few of the details of the mechanics of XSL smart snippets. To create a smart snippet, you do as you would for any other kind of code snippet. But instead of typing in script syntax you type in an XSL template, and check the box that says this is a XSL snippet. During code generation, your XSL is executed and the output is placed into the insert point that invokes the snippet. Your snippet is passed the entire DOM of project XML, as well as two parameters. The two parameters are the Page ID and the Item ID (when applicable), giving you the context of the call to your XSL. You can easily work your way through the DOM to access Groups, Pages and other project objects to produce the code syntax you need.

That?s it, one small item in a maintenance release, the gives you an extremely powerful capability, a capability that you won?t find elsewhere. And even if you are not up to writing your own smarts snippets others will write and share smart snippets and you can benefit. This is yet another way that we are providing ways for the user community to contribute to the development of dbQwikSite. With our first step about a year ago providing an XML project model, to support for user defined project reports, addition of a plug-in architecture, user definable payment processing page generation, code snippets and now smart snippets. You can look forward to dbQwikSite becoming more powerful and more flexible with every release.
05/09/2008 05:43 AM
Web Developer Edition Now Available

dbQwikSite Developer Edition is now available for download. Developer Edition makes its debut as part of the release of 5.3. In a nutshell, Developer addition let?s you add your own custom code into your website projects. The concept is simple, but the ramifications are profound. It means that you can now extend and enhance your generated pages. Developer edition opens the door to a realm of possibilities.

I have been pushing for Developer Edition for almost a year now. I knew that I wanted it, I knew that it would be kewel (cool). What I didn?t know was exactly what it meant to web developers and web designers until I started testing it. It was like having my hands untied, or taking the rev limiter off your sports car. Now, I could do things that I had seen on other sites, but were beyond the capabilities of code generation.

Don?t get me wrong, I love the other editions of dbQwikSite, and every time I use them I am grateful that I don?t have to hand code thousands of lines of code. I always amazed what I can do in 10 minutes with this software. But, being the overachiever I am, I always want more! More features, more cool stuff, more flexibility. That?s exactly what I got with dbQwikSite Developer Edition. To date, I had to wait for the developers to have the time to code new features. I know from emails of our users that I am not the only one that wished that we could provide features faster. With Developer Edition, the game changed overnight. The only one that was holding back features was me, not the developers. I wanted graphs, I added graphs! I wanted conditional highlighting, I added conditional highlighting! I wanted a search on the data lists page, I added it! You get the idea, I am sure. It was instant gratification. It was the freedom to do much, much more without giving up all the ?cushy? benefits of my beloved code generator.

Here is a copy of the promotional video I made to introduce Developer Edition.
The quality a bit blurry here, there is bigger one on the home page of dbQwikSite